Monday, November 22, 2010

12/2 Staff Meeting

Video Encoding

Update on Tandberg content server.
Encoder in each room. Going to capture at the source (where the instructor/operator are).
Lou/ITRC looking at different video cards/software to solve the changing input dilemma.
Jim and Guy involved in idea generation for improving human side
Michael/Stamm working on script to determine any missing recordings before anyone calls

But - we are in this together! If it is captured in ETS it is captured! Far sites need to start being more responsible for recordings when the instructor is there.

I want to start seeing the ITRC help desk taking names when a faculty call about a video not being posted and having a full time staff member call them back with explanation of what is going on - either Guy, or Lisa. We need to start ticketing all these "problems" with encodings as well so we can evaluate numbers, causes, etc. with real data. If we want to improve, we need to measure!

We need to present unified response to faculty about what is going on with encodings and posting of encodings. Once the full story is known - full time staff will call faculty back. We need 1-2 business days to get videos posted.

I'd like to get to the point that only hardware failures keep us from capturing - but there will always be hardware failures that we can't control. And, we will probably always have some human failures over the course of the year as well. We need to be in a continuous improvement mode about that (Always looking for ways to get better).

This has quickly become a critical service we provide. It enhances the video classrooms to make them a more flexible form of Distance Education by adding an asynchronous ability to their use. I think that will prove to be very important to ISU and our distance education efforts as we continue to move forward.

Update equipment and IP database - sys admin meeting week of Dec. 6th, all requests will go to the service desk - should be assigned within one hour.

X Drive handout provided

Ron Johnson - Ron is transferring into ETS to take on computer support in all instructional spaces on campus - not drop in labs.

Druva - no one is asking Lou to help get this installed!!

Lou now has two window's servers. The old events server and the old Real Server. Do with as you please........ As long as brigit and ressched have a home.

Randy Stamm - report on session for "creating Flexible, Technology-Enhanced Collaboration and Learning Spaces"

Michael Spall - status on efforts to identify withdrawn students in Moodle?

Lou - Do we have news about the Hitatchi or Wacomm interactive tablets?

RFI for Web Conferencing is out to vendors. Responses expected by end of December.

Lou - saved browser data off of Lydia's computer????

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