Thursday, October 28, 2010

10/28/10 Staff Meeting

Water fund is gone - for those in Pocatello that want the water, please contribute to the fund

Moodle/Sun server maintenance renewal is moving forward.

I'm meeting with Randy G. and Laura M. to talk about classroom support issues on 11/19. I think this is simply going to be about the issue that we no longer have any dedicated budget for this - since the budget cuts.

United Way - Goal is 100% participation at any level. This week's potluck is in support of that. There is a $1 fee/donation to attend that will go to United Way and will count as participation. The other events:
Dress Casual Days!
--Scarecrow Att
--Bowling Tournament!
--Participation Prizes!

Will be the same type of thing. There will be a phase II much like we did last year with a push for something leading up to the holidays. I'm guessing it will be a food bank drive of food and/or money with a volunteering opportunity again. Will probably all be tied up with a Thanksgiving week potluck to announce the final results. I would pay for travel from Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, for this event. What do Meridian folks want to do?

Repeat: New "N" network WAPs going to start rolling out on campus.

RFI for web conferencing is going to be complete this week.

Registration starts the 8th of November. Will open at 12:01 a.m. instead of 6:00 p.m. Intent is for it to happen on-line.

COB is asking about a lecture capture system. They asked about Tegrity - but are open and interested in whatever. They might want to use some of their TIG money to get started on this.

Randy Stamm working on a grant application for the NGLC grant. Thinking about a student participation/at risk indicator for Moodle.

Christmas Party this year?

Meridian classroom moves?

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