Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1/6/11 ETS Staff Meeting

Now that we have been using CCER, everyone should go double check the user guides.

Budget talks, targets, ideas. Do we want an audience with Randy Gaines to discuss?

Darl's staff should be able to get to the new Moodle servers around end of February. We need power outlet conversion to be done by that time for the new rack

We need to get networking negotiated with Mark for the new servers. We need 5 network connections (4 Gig and 1 10meg) per server 5 X $650 each box.

Moved(Moodle, Brigidit, other?)205 segment behind the firewall - we need to use the VPN to get to those. Did (Michael, Ann, Lou) visit with Eric about accessing the servers through the VPN?

Druva will be cut over to the new server after Jan. 3. - so new users can get after that date. all of us already using Druva are going to have to install a new client.

Anything/anybody from the Dell visit on Wednesday?

For desktop emulation - ISOS recommends that you change the default port?????

Pharmacy and PA have recently bought Turning Point stuff.......

Tim Lammers is now part of NeTel in the College of Tech

New Wireless for Library and Rendezvous is going on this semester.

IPV6 We own our own block

205 segment moving behind the firewall Wednesday 1/5/10

We have purchased the Novell IDM solution

DRUVA is going to be available after this week.

Mcafee upgrade is happening this semester. Host intrusion prevention (firewall) SPYWARE/MALWARE will become available to users.

Dell is here from 2:00 to 4:00 to talk about unified computing. In room BA 507.

email delegation is available in Google. Will it get turned on? All other Google services are going to be enables in the .edu environment sometime this semester.

Meridian Room Status?

Set the meeting for every two weeks this semester.

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