Friday, October 8, 2010

10/14/10 Staff Meeting

NeTel will be moving to Pinnacle for billing, ticketing, etc. It will also be the new IP database server - but by then they expect to be using DHCP addressing. But the bottom line is want to lock down the IP Database from outside users.

Wireless AP's are all going to be updated. They will take advantage of the "N" network. There is no more "B" network wireless at ISU. Only A, G, and N

JayDell (NeTel) has a very sick wife that has no immune system left. JayDell has to be very careful about taking any illness home with him. All of us should be careful about spreading germs again this year generally. I know a lot of students come sick and spread illness. Be cognizant of your situation. Wash your hands A LOT, keep from spreading sickness and stay home if you need to.

TMS software update?

Matterhorn news - Lou?/Brian?

Webinar on Cheating available on Media Server. We won't keep this file forever. Please view/share in the coming weeks.

Status of CHE 313 and 314?

Time Clock Plus (TCP) upgrade? I'm talking with Tony about this next week. I think we are out of warranty at the moment and I want to get that fixed, I need to know if we think the upgrade is the way to go right now.

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