Thursday, September 3, 2009

ETS Staff Meeting - 9/3/09

    Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused Novocain during a root canal? His goal: transcend dental medication.

  • Good News - ISU enrollment is up
  1. Enrollment is up about 900 - Housing has 1,000 beds which highest anyone can remember - Student Orientation was 1100 up from 400
  • Fairly certain a hold back announcement coming in September from 5 - 15% expected.
  • SBOE is looking to establish a Furlough process for state employees/universities
  • Unrest among faculty - rumor about no-confidence in vailas, fletcher, olsen.
  • Attend the "respectful workplace" training when you can
  • Stacey Giokas is our HR rep for everything.
  • Attention from higher up about student/temporary employees
  1. Increased scrutiny about temp employees
  2. New Parts form for Student and Temp employees coming
  3. No employee can start working before the form has left ITS (Randy)
  4. I9 has to be filled out before employees can start - student has to bring a form signed off by HR that the I9 has been submitted.
  • Customer Service still getting a lot of attention from Admin. Please keep it in the forefront.
  • Everyone will have to change their password between Sept. 14th and the start of Google - Oct. 6th.
  • ISU Cares Responses
  • How is the SLA for encoding requests being received?
  • What is happening with SD25 and Moodle this school year?
  • Non - ETS video classes/classrooms?

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