Wednesday, September 23, 2009

10/1/09 ETS Staff Meeting Notes

Do we need any McAfee Protection suite software?
* Looking for an executive order from the Governor regarding a hold back this year
* Note did go out about using your isu email for an account name in google - Will your isu email break your google account?
* Tony to provide a schedule of desk support needed - one desk in Ctech, Rend, and Sub
* On the 6th (Google Aps for ISU) - the focus is to get to everyone to at Google - Look at for all the transition information you need.
* Everyone needs to change your password before Oct. 6th - a note will be coming out
* Send a paragraph to Randy about the SPED collaboration on Community Moodle
* Send Moodle Community SLA to Darl for his information
* Brought up the issue of using Google Talk/video as a web conferencing solution. Mark is willing to work with us to try this out and monitor bandwidth usage and try to find ways to isolate instructional use versus recreational use.

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