Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10/15 Staff Meeting

  • Send all email to beckblak@isu.edu - not my exchange or personal email accounts.
  • ENS test of new emergency notification loudspeakers on Oct. 22
  • Pcard approval process forms - I'm the new approver for all ETS Pcard purchases - you reconcile your own still.
  • Travel - perception is the king (unless there are training issues)
  • I still need to run the NWMet conference and a few people will likely need to go over with me.
  • Do we need passwords for computers in case someone gets hit by a bus? Lou?
  • Bridgit and the meridian room probelms
  • btest (req masters) need to use their old passwords in btest
  • Vince Miller - New Director of IR (Located in the Cont Ed Building)
  • Christmas Party in VA 117 later in the week of Finals. Can we schedule this?
  • Don't share any personal information via Google Docs or any other "non-secure" means.
  • Darl is going to look to see if email can be added back into the LDAP fairly easy versus have all the system trying to do a work around. He will report back next week on how easy/hard that will be. It may be a different field, but we will see.
  • DataSync goes live today (10/12) which syncs HP and Banner
  • No news on specific budget cuts for ETS
  • Google Transition Questions
  • BengalWeb for Students

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