Monday, August 30, 2010

Staff Meeting

IDM Project - Oracle to take a hike, Novell to be contacted, Fordroc (SUN support/alternative), CAS in Luminus, This will cost us a year for an enterprise IDM solution......

Looks like there are PO's that are never getting sent from Purchasing/Finance - we need to bird dog these for now to make sure they are getting to the Vendor

Need to get backups for Druva on computers in ETS - anyone that has irreplaceable/important work data

Pcard is still going through to HP1 if we don't get reconciled on CSER - but if we just do it in CSER then it is all good.

Have Lou talk to David Blake or Ron Johnson about using pgina for wireless log in for all the laptops in the ITRC training lab. Apparently they can set these up so pgina intercepts the windows login data and authenticates against LDAP. Secondarily, they will register laptops to a department.

There is no problem with the ITRC sending email to all faculty on a periodic basis. Send to - specify audience subject line, etc. ,

Remember no meeting until 9/16

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