Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8/19/2010 - Staff Meeting

Thanks to everyone for attending the annual ETS meeting!!! I thought it went very well and was useful as an opportunity for us to gather and to talk and brainstorm some ideas on how we can improve our services.

Notes from Randy Gaines' meeting:
Official Business Passes are not ready. ETS will get only one - for free. Extras cost $150 each. However, regular parking passes do allow for business parking in other lots - so we shouldn't need as many this year as in past years.

Connie has video file she wants secured on the web - Done!

We need to get Randy a plan for the Meridian move and identify all the possible costs we might incur. I'd like to meet with Jim, Casey, Mike, Brian, and possibly Ryan to hammer this out. How about Monday (8/23) morning at 9:00 a.m. Classroom move planned from 12/20 through 1/7.

Student raises - Randy has agreed on a plan. We have a new starting point for most positions.
Video Class Tech - Start $7.50 and raise to $7.75 within 3-6 weeks based on competency
Classroom Tech - Start at $7.50
Receptionist - Start at $7.25
IRTC instructional aides - start at $8.25
Computer Systems Technician - start at $8.25
Meridian Video Class Tech - start at $8.75

All returning students that don't get a bump because of these new minimums are eligible for a $.25 raise for fall semster - over the new minimum. See me for details or questions about this. Students that stay with us from semester to semester are eligible for a $.25 raise (two per year, December and May). There is also a cap on what we can pay any of these students. It is basically $2.00 more than the minimum. So students that stick around a long time will eventually cap out in this system.

If we choose not to give a particular student a raise but choose to keep them around, we must have a documented, defensible reason why we gave raises to others but not them (a semi formal evaluation?)

A Dell rep is going to be on campus sometime in September. Lou, I think you and I should at least plan to sit in on his presentation. I'll let you know the date when I know.

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