Thursday, April 15, 2010

Staff Meeting - 4/15/10

Any and all projects on campus need to have Facilities involved. There is even an office move form now. This is in order to keep efficiencies on campus. If someone shows up in your office and wants to do something, or we want to do something, we need to make sure facilities is involved. See Nursing project, the announcement system project (Denton email), or other.

Employee Recognition Week - Please participate as possible

Student employee visas determine what status they are - not whether they get financial aid or not. We need to check every "foreign" student for visa status regardless of fin aid. So we need to check with Int. Student Office to determine status.

Time Clock Plus - during Fall semester, work study management goes to Banner Fin Aid and that impacts our current upload process from Time Clock Plus.

Options - Department Time Entry from Time Clock Plus
Use Time Clock Plus and then have Student employees enter time on web
Abandon Time Clock Plus and just use web based time entry
Have Kevin customize an upload script for Banner -as available

What would it take to expand our classroom capture system to some place like a Rendezvous classroom?

What is everyone's thoughts about the Ipad and its lack of ability for playing flash video?

Video over the web update - thanks to those that shared examples of slow video. This is what has transpired in the last couple of weeks. Our new media server was not given the same web traffic priority as the Real Server and therefore all traffic from the media server was being included in the "recreational" traffic coming and going to the university. This server was running 6-10 meg consistently. Now that traffic has been given priority and its own 10 meg pipeline. This should improve media playing from the media server as well as ease up some of the recreational traffic.

Need all reviews completed and turned in to me as soon as possible.

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