Thursday, April 29, 2010

Meridian VIM position is officially not going to be replaced by a full-time VIM. The extra PTVIM is the long term solution

WAP have a new configuration and they limit connections to a single WAP to 12. The 13th is rejected. I'm arranging a site survey with NeTel to evaluate more WAPs

Insync - Druva - new backup product that supports Windows 7 - replaces Alteris - Apple Compatible?

Do far sites have prestamped envelops you are using? We are getting some postage charges to old accounts and everything we have in our office is using the new number........

Insuring property through Inland Marine

Kaltura Webinar - I've signed up

Pixelture evaluation - Jim, Guy, Mike, Ryan - evaluate

TimeClock Plus??? - notes from today's meeting???

Web Conferencing Evaluation and the Real Media Server......

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