Thursday, January 21, 2010

1/21/10 ETS Staff Meeting

Books or articles for review. I have three books I'm considering. If there are other articles or books, please let me know.
Books: Eight to Great (Customer Service), Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers, and other Office Idiots, and You Don't Have to Be Sick to Get Better (Ethics, Values, Character)

Student Employees - Can't start work until their parts form is signed. Must go to HR and complete I9 within three days of starting work. Angie will be point of contact on when a student can start. Supervisor is responsible to verify students have gone and completed I9. No I9, no work.

Clarification: No talking to press without Fletcher approval, but also no press releases without talking to Fletcher first.

Talk about cheating incident we assisted with in the ITRC - clarify our role........

Reminder - Respect in the workplace training next week.

Encoding? Process, storage, other?

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